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Austrian traditions of wood treatment

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Natural power and safety

Wood reviver gel No.5010

The compound allows transforming an old wood of gray color into an almost new light-colored wood. It contains no chlorine, peroxides, alkali and is not an oxidizing agent.

For wood cleansing and gray deposit removing from any wooden surfaces of both hard and soft kinds of wood, no matter, where the wood operation takes place, whether in-door or out-door.
Technical data sheet — PDF
Properties Directions for use
Gloss: Not applicable.
Complete composition: water; oxalic acid; detergent components from vegetable oils and sugars; fir needle oil; vegetable wetting agents; natural silver in ultra-micro-dispersed form (nano-form).
Content of artificial substances: It contains one synthetic substance, namely oxalic acid which is completely identical to natural oxalic acid contained in dock-plant in a form of salts. The compound contains no conserving agents, chloride, peroxides, alkali, heavy metals or other artificial substances.
Thinning agent: Water.
Solids content: <100%.
Storage: It is supposed to be stored in a dry cool place in tightly closed packing under temperature not lower than +5°С and preferably not higher than +35°С. Do not freeze!
Shelf life: Storage term in the original closed container is about 12 months.
Container volume: 1; 2.5 and 10 l.
Class of hazard: Not applicable.
Density: 0.99 to 1.02 g/cm3.
Viscosity: ~10 to 15 sec (DIN-size beaker 4 mm).
Flash-point: Do not apply at more than 200°C.
Quantity used: 8 to 10 m2/l depending on surface properties and contamination degree.
Drying time: In 15 minutes to 1 hour after treatment, the surface is needed to be rubbed with sandpaper or stiff brush with addition of some water. Drying time after washing-out makes 1 to 2 days & nights.
Surface preparation: In conditions of increased temperature, preliminary, the wood is needed to be moistened slightly.
Application process: Mix the compound properly and apply on the surface by a thin layer with a brush or a soft lint-free tissue. Leave for soaking in for 15 minutes or in a case of a thick gray deposit presence for 1 hour maximum. Avoid treatment under influence of direct sun rays as in this case too fast drying happens as well as treatment effectiveness decreases. Process the surface with a sandpaper sheet or a stiff brush with addition of some water. Wash up the surface with a lot of water and leave for drying for 1 or 2 days & nights. After drying, the surface is recommended to be smoothened with sandpaper and then treated with compounds ÖLIA Naturfarben, for example, with oils from Garden series.
Tinting: Not applicable.
Tool cleaning. Immediately after use it is needed to wash the tool with warm water & soap or detergent and to dry it up.
Utilization: An empty container must be utilized in accordance with regional legislation. Any dried up product remainders can be disposed together with domestic garbage.
Safety advice: To store in a childproof place. Works are recommended to be conducted in rubber gloves. Avoid contact of the compound with skin and eyes. In a case of a contact of the compound with skin, wash it with water and soap, and in a case of a contact of the compound with eyes, wash eyes with flowing water. In a case of its penetration into mouth or deglutination, apply to a doctor immediately, provide him/her with the compound label, the technical specifications, the safety sheet or at least inform him/her on oxalic acid presence in the compound composition. It is forbidden to pour remainders into sewage. Any soaked in the product materials (tissues, dresses, sponges) and tools must be washed up with water and soap and dried up. In a case of impracticability for reutilization, the materials can be disposed together with common garbage.

The compound contains completely natural substances. That is why before its application it is necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from allergy to vegetable substances and products of beekeeping!