Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

Silver is a safe and powerful universal antiseptic

Give up on synthetic antiseptics. Now one does not need to select between safety and protection as the used by us natural silver is a perfect and absolutely safe for human body natural antiseptic.

This set contains silver in increased concentrations; it is done for adding of clearly seen bactericidal, antiviral and bio-protective properties to a treated surface and also for preventing of water-based compounds deterioration during their storage in containers. Unlike the set SILVER BIG, lower silver concentrations are used in the set SILVER LOW in all the water-based products ÖLIA Naturfarben. The silver concentration in the compounds of the set SILVER LOW is sufficient only for preventing of compounds deterioration during their storage in containers and is too low for adding of clear bio-protective properties to a surface.

The increased silver concentrations in the set SILVER BIG are applied in the compounds set For Sauna and also in the ground coating compound Oil primer with silver for antifungal wood protection No.11, which is designed for operation in conditions of an increased humidity & temperature and in a direct contact with human body. Into compounds not containing water, the silver is not added as their bactericidal properties, which are sufficient for the recommended application areas, are ensured by natural aethereal oils and beeswax.

Products of SILVER     BIG 

For sauna

Natural waxes mixture
for sauna shelves No.2010
Wax-oil lasur for sauna
with silver No.2050

Special products

Oil primer with silver
for wood protection No.11