Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment


Maximal safety for special cases

Products of this set do not contain any additives including fast-drying materials (used for drying up acceleration) (siccatives based on metals); that is why they are especially recommended for surface treatment, which more than others contact with open skin parts, food products, children. Also they are a right choice for all the customers, who desire reaching maximum environment friendliness during wood treatment. Mainly it concerns products of the set For Sauna, products meant for furniture and particularly for tabletops, that is to the sets — Wax-oil for wood, with cloth applying No.1030, Hard oil for worktops No.1035, Garden furniture oil with beeswax No.3030, and also to pure wax-based compounds: Beeswax lasur for wood No.1010 и Carnauba wax, high gloss No.1090. These products distinguish not only with absence of any synthetic additives in their compositions but they also contain no siccatives. Due to this reason, they distinguish with more long drying up time (except of pure wax-based compounds No.2010, 1010 and 1030, that dry up quickly), which is quite effectively compensated with maximum possible environment friendliness.
In all other products not marked with the label SENSITIVE, from among synthetic additives, only siccatives are represented. We use only safe siccatives containing no lead or barium.

Products of SENSITIVE



Beeswax lasur
for wood No.1010

For sauna

Natural waxes mixture
for sauna shelves No.2010
Wax-oil lasur for sauna
with silver No.2050


Wax-oil for wood
Hard oil for worktops


Garden furniture oil
with beeswax No.3030

Special products

Care furniture wax
Carnauba wax,
high gloss No.1090