Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment


100% dry remainder implies a scarce consumption and special esthe

Products of this set contain neither solvents nor water; in whole they consist of natural oils, waxes and resins. In their liquid or semi-liquid form they are maintained due to increased content of the liquid components (oils) in them. While applying, they require use of special but not sophisticated techniques, for example, applying with a spatula, polishing on a raw layer, excess removing after stop of soaking in, polishing after soaking in (drying up). Those compounds elucidate deeply a wood pattern, add scarcely noticeable pale-strawy or honey-like tincture (non-pigmented compounds) and special unparallel esthetics. The covers resulted possess increased protective properties; also they are very aesthetic and nice by touch. As a rule, 1 l of a compound is enough for treatment 30 to 40 sqm or more in 1 layer.

Products of 100% SOLID


Special products

Care furniture wax


Floor hard wax-oil
Floor oil


Wax-oil for wood


Garden wood oil
with beeswax No.3010
Terrace oil
Garden furniture oil
with beeswax No.3030