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Austrian traditions of wood treatment

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Natural surface-active substances

We use lecithin and vegetable wetting agents based on sugars and vegetable oils. All the listed substances are used by us as emulsifiers, without which it is impossible to produce stable emulsions, in particular aqueous compounds. The lecithin is a valuable natural raw stuff of vegetable origin from class phospholipids; it has emulsifying properties. Most often it is extracted from soybeans or sunflower. The lecithin helps producing long-time-stable homogeneous dispersions of substances not mixing with each other (for example of water and oil). Meanwhile it is absolutely harmless and even necessary to humans for their correct metabolism. In particular, very often, it is used as an emulsifier in production of food products, for example, that of chocolate, pastries, etc. Also as natural emulsifiers, we use vegetable wetting agents which are the derivatives of sugars and vegetable oils. In the water-based compounds, emulsifiers are always used, which after compound drying up stay in the cover. All our emulsifiers are of natural origin and are not able cause any harm to humans