Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment


Useful techniques

The listed excellent properties of the natural compounds are reached upon condition of thorough treatment and ennobling of the natural components. With this purpose there are used purification, boiling-in, distillation, dispergating and other treatment methods (mainly physical ones), which practically do not change the chemical structure of the natural stuff. Without treatment, most often, the natural materials do nor allow reaching the necessary cover properties.

We use special methods of pulverization-in-water of oils, resins and waxes (which are not mixed with water) for getting our stable water emulsions of high quality. The degree of particles fineness, which means penetrability and uniformity of our emulsions, is several times higher than the same of emulsions obtained by the traditional methods.

We use our special methods of treatment of the natural silver; and gratifying to them, the silver is granulated up to particles sizes in several nanometers (that is up to several tens or hundreds of atoms). After that, the silver effectiveness increases drastically and the solution gets stable and does not produce any sediments.

Lastly, we use delicate methods of ennobling, purification and boiling up of the vegetable raw stuff in various combinations that conserve completely its natural properties and make its use more effective.

Our techniques have nothing to do with chemical synthesis; we deal with the materials by physical, “green” techniques; and gratifying to it, the natural substances do not undergo deep chemical transformations. So you can enjoy all the benefits of absolutely natural and safe components combined with aid of the “green” techniques in our hi-tech products.