Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

Benefit No.3

Two sets SILVER – Natural silver instead of antiseptics

Attention! This proposal is unique as very few companies in the world lay such great emphasis onto chemical safety of sanitary treatment and offer products with high content of silver for protection against bio-damages. Especially in combination with entire naturality of the rest components. Now one does not need to select between an effective compounds and safe ones; just use benefits of the set SILVER.

The set SILVER BIG contains much of silver and allows operation of wooden surfaces in conditions of increased humidity and temperature causing absolutely no harm to humans as instead of chemical antiseptics, it contains the harmless natural silver.

The set SILVER LOW contains much less silver and it is meant for water-based compounds conservation. All the compounds of the aqueous set AQUA belong at the same time to the set SILVER LOW, except for those compounds that contain much of silver and that is why belong to the set SILVER BIG.

Antiseptic additives against mold and insects are ones of the most dangerous components for wood. Any synthetic antiseptic is potentially dangerous as these chemicals are meant for demolishing of living organisms (mold and insects).

Antiseptic is released continually into air from a dried up film of cover. Tens times stronger this takes place under heating. That is why it is absolutely not needed to use compounds with antiseptic additives inside of residential units, especially ones situated on the sunny side and still less to cover bathhouse from inside: in this case instead of benefit you would get a chronic intoxication. No film cover would save from antiseptics release into air as antiseptics molecules are small and they penetrate through it just as water through a sieve; just from a film, antiseptic will be released during a longer time than from pure wood and respectively, it would render its more long-lasting action on you. The more treated square, the more antiseptic release into air. Especially unacceptable choice consists in use of such compounds for simultaneous treatment of all the premise surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling and doors.

Antiseptic content in liquid compounds makes usually 0.6 to 2% but can reach even 3 or 5%. In a dried up film after solvent or water evaporation, its content increases and makes already from 4 to 15% (in average 6-8%) and this is exactly what continually evaporates or enters into a contact with human skin.

A way of finding a compromise solution between the safety and the effective protection is represented by use of natural silver, the very same silver, which long since people used for water disinfection or infections healing and which till now is used for healing inflammatory and skin diseases, even at babies.

Silver is a powerful and safe antiseptic. It does not evaporate even under heating and that is why it has no smell. Silver is absolutely natural and not toxic at all at a contact.

First, silver is converted in its water soluble ion form (Ag+) and then tiny suspended in water particles are produced from it; they are particles of metallic silver by size of a fraction of micron; and this is what is called colloidal silver or else nano-silver (this is a fashionable name for colloidal silver with decreased particles size). The particles do not stick together in water as they are very small and move constantly in a natural way (Brownian motion); and their surface is defended by special stabilizers like soap.

If to process wood with such silver dispersion, the silver particles sediment in wood cells, which are much bigger by size than the silver particles. The silver particles get trapped in a wood as in a sponge and are retained by its grains; this is why water is not able already to wash them away.

As an active agent of silver, its ions (Ag+) act; its ions mass is a soluble form, which forms continually in a small amount in aqueous medium from silver particles and acts in very small concentrations. Along with it the silver itself is consumed very slowly and is in a balance with ions; and that is why ions having been spent are replenished by new ones.

So predominantly silver works in a humid medium (on expense on moisture on a surface or air moisture, or skin perspiration) forming ions, which kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. Except of protection against fungi, you receive a constant antiviral and bactericidal protection of surfaces.

Equally important is the fact that silver release form wood into air does not take place even under heating (for example in bathhouses, saunas or in premises situated on the sunny side) as silver is a metal and absolutely metals (except of mercury) do not evaporate under domestic temperature.