Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

Benefit No.2

Set SENSITIVE does not contain even siccatives

All our products do not contain any synthetic additives but some of them contain secure siccatives based on cobalt, manganese and calcium.

Now you’ve got an opportunity of choice making between compounds containing siccatives and ones not containing siccatives. We provide you with an unique possibility of selection between those versions in dependence on compound intention. Siccatives can act on a person only in a case of an immediate contact of his/her skin with an treated cover. If the matter is treatment of walls, ceiling or other surfaces not supposed to be in a frequent immediate contact with skin, then siccative adding influences treated surface safety no way; so one can choose products with the siccatives.

If you process a sauna (its berths, benches, floor, objects for sauna), children’s furniture or toys or objects contacting with food products (tabletops, cutting boards), then it is safer to choose products without siccatives, ones belonging to the set SENSITIVE, which to the maximum extent allows use of such quality of the natural compounds as their safety.