Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

by Millennia

Safety and Effectiveness

Following strictly our concept of naturalness and safety for ensuring bio-protective and bactericidal properties of wooden surfaces, in our products, we use only the natural silver, which from ancient times is known by its bactericidal properties and harmlessness.

The compounds with a high content of silver sufficient for surface protection are subsumed in the set SILVER BIG. It regards to the compounds of the set  For sauna, as they are meant for operation in conditions of increased temperature and humidity at constant contact with humans as well as to the compound Oil primer with silver for antifungal wood protection No.11, in which its content is especially great as it is used as a bio-protective ground in conditions of increased humidity and atmospheric factors action.

The aqueous compounds with lower silver content sufficient for preventing the compound from its deterioration during its storage are subsumed in the set SILVER LOW. All the compounds of the set AQUA belong to the set SILVER LOW or to the set SILVER BIG.

Into the compounds of the set 100% SOLID, the silver is not added; though also they possess bactericidal properties on expense of natural aethereal oils and beeswax with propolis as an additive, which also possesses clear antiseptic properties.

Except for the silver, the natural aethereal oils and the beeswax, we apply no other conserving agents for containers as the substances listed above prevent products in containers effectively against of bio-destruction.

The silver is absolutely safe for humans at a contact and even in a case of getting inside. It performs a powerful and universal action; absolutely it does not evaporate and is not washed out of a wood. This is invisible, effective, constant and absolutely safe protection.

The silver has no odor; it is not dissolved in water and not able to work harm at a contact with surfaces treated with it.

Besides, on the surfaces treated with the silver, bacteria and viruses perish, for example, colon bacillus, staphylococcus and streptococcus. This silver action remains for a very long time as it is fixed in wood pores like in a sponge in form of microscopic particles that are not dissolved in water; and their protective action is due to the fact that in presence of moisture, a slow forming takes place of silver ions that are an active primary factor of the metallic silver action.

People started using silver as a bactericidal means already several millennia ago. Elite and kings used silver dishes as there was a belief that it neutralizes poisons action. For ancient warriors fast healing, plates of pure silver were applied on their wounds. In cathedrals since the ancient days, silver utensils were used, which to a large extent helped avoiding epidemics being frequent in those times. Indeed, water placed for storage in silver bowels shows no signs of deterioration.

Colloidal silver and silver salts started to be widely used in medicine since end of 19th or beginning of 20th century as antiseptic and a therapeutic agent. In 19th century, it was proved that the silver possesses disinfecting properties and demolishes different microorganisms including staphylococcus and diphtheria bacillus.

Nowadays also, the silver is widely used in medical practice in a form of nitrate, chloridum, oxide and in colloidal metallic form (including for babies) due to its safety and effectiveness. The silver is used for drinking water conserving for foreign-going ships and for space vehicles. The silver is used for conserving juices mineral water drinks, alcoholic beverages and milk. Nowadays, very effective and popular directions are a treatment of textiles with the silver, a use of silver sources with domestic purposes, in particular, in washing-machines and water purification plants. More and more often the biggest world producers add the silver into polymers for adding bactericidal resistance to them.

We use a special technique of silver milling up to sizes 9 to 25 thousandths of micron (9 to 25 nanometers). Such a tiny size of the particles allows getting stable and effective silver-containing products, in which both high bactericidal activeness and resistance of the received dispersion to sedimentation are reached.

The silver particles do not stick together and are distributed in the water uniformly due to a protective membrane from a natural emulsifier, which is soap (see picture).

The emulsifier molecules cover all the surface of the silver nano-particles and do not let them stick together, which makes the dispersion stable. Gratifying to this, the silver nano-particles are distributed in water uniformly and form a homogeneous stable dispersion.

When the silver particles are apply on a wooden surface, they sediment in wood cells fixing themselves in a stable manner inside of its grains, where cellulose molecules displace the emulsifier molecules. At a repeated wetting, water is not able already to wash away the silver particles that are fixed in the wood grains as in a sponge. That is why the silver is never washed away from the surface and forms a stable antibacterial cover in the upper wood layer. When a repeated wetting up takes place, water dissolves and removes the membrane formed by the emulsifier from the particles.

The silver dispersion is apply on the wood and partially has dried up. The silver nano-particles have sedimented on the wood cells walls; water has evaporated partially; the membrane formed by wetting agent molecules has been partially destroyed.

The compound has completely dried up; the silver nano-particles have invaded in the cellulose walls of the wood cells in an irreversible manner. As a result of repeated wetting of the treated surface with water during operation, the emulsifier molecules have been removed totally; and in the wood cells, non-extractable layer of the silver nano-particles has been formed.

In a humid medium, the silver nano-particles release continually silver ions that render the anti-bacterial action. So the silver works namely in a humid environment, when a risk emerges of wood biological destruction. That is why a very small amount of nano-particles on a square unit is sufficient in order to reach a clear bio-protective effect (see picture).

In a humid medium, the silver nano-particles release the silver ions Ag+ into the water.

Besides we use the untreated primeval beeswax having clear antiseptic properties gratifying to the content of a strong natural antiseptic in it, namely propolis. Intentionally, we do not subject the wax to any chemical influences and do not bleach it up in order to conserve all its bunch of healing properties.

We recommend not to use the wood treatment products containing any traditional chemical antiseptics, especially indoor and also outdoor on objects contacting with humans or operated close to humans as virtually all the chemical antiseptics are classified as dangerous substances and they are released easily by treated surfaces at a contact with human skin or dress or they simply evaporate from it, especially in the warm year season. Antiseptics evaporation is strengthened many-fold under heating or action of sunlight. Many synthetic substances distinguish with an ability to be accumulated in human body, in particular in fatty tissues, brain and liver.

We believe that in domestic matters, only absolutely safe natural antiseptics are appropriate such as the silver, which does not lead to a intoxication or allergic reactions.