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Carnauba wax, high gloss No.1090


High gloss, water-repellent properties and breathing surface – easily, in one movement. Minimum smell at drying up.

pix1It is suitable for walls, ceilings, furniture, windows, floors and interior wooden and cork objects including ones subjected to wear. It also suits for gloss adding and toning of untreated mineral surfaces (brick, gypsum, plaster, unglazed tile, etc.). It can be applied on surfaces treated with traditional film-forming compounds (unnatural ones) for easy adding a high gloss. The compound is strongly recommended for treatment of surfaces entering to a contact with human skin, including that of children as it does not contain any artificial additives.
Technical data sheet — PDF
Properties Directions for use
Gloss: Glazed (after polishing).
Color: In its liquid non-tinctured form, the compound is milky-white and after drying up it is transparent. The compound is not colored in order to avoid non-uniform color. Small coloring is allowed in a case of mineral surfaces treatment.
Complete composition: water; wax of carnauba palm in ultra-micro-dispersed form; vegetable wetting agents; lecithin; natural silver in ultra-micro-dispersed form (nanoform).
Content of artificial substances: The compound contains no artificial substances, fast-drying materials, conserving agents and heavy metals.
Thinning agent: Water.
Solids content: <100%.
Storage: It is supposed to be stored in a dry cool place in tightly closed packing under temperature not lower than +5°С and preferably not higher than +35°С. Do not freeze!
Shelf life: Storage term in the original closed container is about 12 months.
Container volume: 0.5; 1 l.
Class of hazard: Not applicable.
Density: 0.99 to 1.02 g/cm3.
Viscosity: ~10 to 15 sec (DIN-size beaker 4 mm).
Flash-point: Do not apply at more than 200°C.
Quantity used: 70 to 90 m2/1 l for early treated surface.
Drying time: Approximately in 1 to 1.5 hour after a first layer application, the surface needs to be polished; if necessary, apply the second layer. In 12 to 24 hours after a second layer application, the surface needs to be polished repeatedly. Final drying up takes 24 hours at temperature 20°C and humidity 50-60%.
Surface preparation: Wooden surface must be treated with natural oils, waxes or glazing compounds. The compound application is recommended to conduct not earlier than a final drying up of a main cover (oils. waxes) would be over, namely in 3 to 7 days & nights. Clean up untreated mineral surfaces from contaminants and dust with aid of a wet tissue and dry them up. Application is allowed on surfaces treated with common (unnatural) compounds.
Application process: Mix the compound properly (shake it up) and dilute it with 2 or 3 parts of water per 1 part of the compound. The treatment is recommended to be conducted at the temperature not lower than +12 to +15°С. Spread a very thin layer of the compound with aid of a soft natural tissue (cotton, linseed) by accurate smooth movements. In 1 hour, the surface must be polished by a dry tissue. Then the second layer can be spread in the similar way. In 24 hours the surface needs to be polished with the dry tissue.
Tinting: The compound is not colored in order to avoid non-uniformed color as the compound is meant to be a final layer. A small pigmenting is allowed to be done for treatment of mineral surfaces.
Cleaning and care: The surface can be wiped with a wet tissue. For surfaces subjected to wear once per 2 or 3 weeks, a wet cleaning up is recommended to be conducted with adding 1 tablespoon of the compound per 10 l water. After drying up, the surface is recommended to polish slightly with a dry tissue for increasing of gloss.
Tool cleaning: Immediately after use it is needed to wash the tool with warm water with soap or detergent and to dry it up.
Utilization: An empty container must be utilized in accordance with regional legislation. Any dried up product remainders can be disposed together with domestic garbage.
Safety advice: To store in a childproof place. It is forbidden to pour remainders into sewage. In a case of contact with eyes, wash them with a lot of water.

The compound contains completely natural substances. That is why before its application it is necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from allergy to vegetable substances and products of beekeeping!