Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

Basis of all

Natural waxes (beeswax, carnauba palm wax, candellila wax)

Beeswax is obtained from bees comb, carnauba palm wax from leaves of palm carnauba (Copernica Cerifera) and candellila wax from Mexican desert scrubs Euphorbia Antisyphillitica and Pedilanthus Pavonis. Beeswax has a nice odor, healing and protective properties and it penetrates into wood perfectly. Carnauba palm wax is the most high-melting and hard. Candellila wax takes an intermediate position between them. Those components ensure an excellent protection against moisture and mud; they add nice tactile properties and an excellent decorative effect to a treated surface.

We do not use the synthetic wax (micto-wax) at all in our products.