Natural as wood…

Austrian traditions of wood treatment

Absolutely Natural
Paints with Silver,
for Healthy Life

Harmony of nature – Harmony of life

We produce only the absolutely natural friendly for human paints for treatment of wooden and other surfaces, which are meant for diverse application areas and meet the highest requirements of esthetics, reliability and environment protection.

In our production, we use only products of the natural origin, without any synthetic materials. It concerns not exclusively our main components (oils, resins and waxes) but also auxiliary additives (emulsifiers/ antimicrobial components, pigments, etc.)

What we put our special emphasis on, are products for interior objects treatment as in this case their absolute naturality and safety are especially important and their role can not be overstated.

Our company is one of a few, where instead of antiseptic additives particles of pure silver in its nanoform are used. Indeed this component is a safe bactericidal one, which does not evaporate into premises even under increased temperatures; and it is of benefit both for wood and for your health.

All our products are meant for creating coziness and comfort. Our compositions guarantee an excellent protection as well as a high esthetical value of a treated surface and its absolute safety. They are natural to the same extent as the wood itself.